New Zealand Reaserch

The capital of New Zealand (Wellington)

The Capital of New Zealand is Wellington.
It was originally going to be Auckland, but there were too man y people living in Auckland so the government was not able to move in.


The population in New Zealand is Just over 4.6 Million!!!! This 4.6 million is spread over The North Island, The South Island, Stewart Island, Great barrier Island, Auckland Island, White Island, Campbell Island, Chatam Island, Ulva Island, D’urvle Island and Nauru Island.

New Zealand Flag

The New Zealand flag was first needed when the trading ship Sir George Murray, was seized by customs officials in the port of Sydney. The ship had violated the British navigation laws by sailing without a flag, we were told that if we did not select a flag, then Ships would continue to be seized. The four stars on the right stand for the Southern Cross, and the on the left is the British Flag.

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